What Is Healthy Attractions?


We help men and women transform their bodies and their lives by providing life coaching with a focus on weight loss. We build one-on-one relationships with our clients with the shared goal of improving your total well being.

During our first consultation, we put together a 90 day individualized plan customized around your lifestyle and body goals. A healthier, happier you goes way beyond your physical state. We will explore the five main areas of your life that affect your total well being.

Meet Heather

After years of passionate research in psychology, nutrition and optimal performance, I've realized that it's time to turn this passion into practical knowledge for the real world.


Heather Shankel



Heather has 25+ years in the health and wellness industry as a state-level Regional Director at several major national weight loss organizations. Her expertise and success in the industry led her to follow her passion and naturally transition into becoming an independent weight loss consultant. Heather is professionally certified in the areas of Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Transformational Coaching, and Personal Growth.

25 + Years in the Corporate Health and Wellness Arena 

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer

Master Health + Life Coach

Certified Core Yoga Trainer